Yana Korobko, OBGMS Secretary on France 24

Here is the video of Yana Korobko’s interview in Arabic on France 24 concerning Arab-European relations : http://www.youtube.com/watch?=6pGyD5oDL2s&feature=youtu.be.

Herewith the translation of the transcript into English :

Official translation of the news analysis on the Arab-European relations from Arabic into English

Yana Korobko France24 (25.01.2012)

France24:The intervention of the NATO forces in Syria is expected after the Russia`s veto at the UN Security Council. And Mrs.Yana Korobko, the Secretary of the Observatory of the Black, Gulf and Mediterranean Seas, is joining us at the studio. Welcome! First of all, Mikhael Mergilev said yesterday that the diplomatic tools of the Russia have weakened, and that Russia cannot use its veto right at the Security Council so that to help Bashar Al Asaad at present. And now the position of Sergey Lavrov is that Russia is open to all suggestions concerning this issue. May the change of Russia regarding the Syria`s question be expected in the days to come, especially taking into consideration the fact of the upcoming voting at the Security Council on Tuesday or Wednesday on the Russian draft resolution?     

Yana Korobko:Good afternoon! Thanks a lot to France24 for this invitation. It`s my honor to give a brief speech on the Russian position concerning the Syrian situation, this very important international challenge. I`d like to note that my position is that of a diplomat, and it doesn`t represent any official or governmental Russian position. And in what it concerns your question: the relations between Syria and Russia are those of the very close friends. Since the Soviet epoch, Russia has been helping a lot to this region, and Syria, in particular, and not only because Syria presents a major politic and strategic interest for Russia, but also for the fact that in reality, Syria is among the first states in this region that has accustomed to the cooperation with Russia in such not simple international relations. Indeed, Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council will everything in its power to preserve security in this region. And this is the main reason for the usage of the veto right that had been levied upon Syria. Definitely, Russia is interested in preserving status-quo in this region, and in avoidance from any foreign intervention. Of course, the changes in Russian position are possible, as any important international operations are susceptible to the changes, and we all know this, as this is our history. The future plans will, for sure, depend on the official positions of other permanent members of the UN Security Council as well as on the actions of the Arab forces .       

Fr24:The League of Arab States has asked the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki Moon to convene the voting concerning the new resolution, however there were some discrepancies between the Russian and the American diplomats, and the American Minister of the External Affairs said that they were based mainly on the dissolution of the Russian position concerning this issue, however there is also an issue concerning the sales of the Russian planes to Syria, how can you explain this?  

Y.K.:I should repeat my initial statement, that Russia enjoys its own interests in the region. And Russia will take all efforts so that to preserve the situation without hostilities and any non-desirable actions that might emanate from the side of any of the Arab forces. Undoubtedly, there was an idea concerning the intervention of the Arab forces in this region. However, as long as there exists the right of veto, and as long as Russia is present at the UN Security Council, this situation remains under the control of Russia.   

Fr24: Russia has reiterated that there existed the possibility of the hit from the side of NATO on Syria and Iran. What is the actual situation there?

Y.K.:Personally, several days ago I`ve just returned from the conferences held at the NATO headquarter in Brussels, and I can confirm that the Syrian dossier is one of the priorities on the NATO`s agenda. 

Fr24:So, it means that there is the possibility of the hit from the side of NATO…

Y.K.:It means that there exist the possibilities concerning the avoidance of the hostilities, which might lead to any non-desirable aftermath. 

Fr24:Yana Korobko, the Secretary of the Observatory of the Black, Gulf and Mediterranean Seas, thank you so much for these comments!

Y.K.: Thank you!

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