Ukraine’s judiciary reforms

This morning, the Ukrainian Ambassador in France,  S.E. Oleksandr Kupchyshyn, received a small group of people at the Ukrainian embassy, where the Deputy Justice Minister, Inna Yemelyanova  spoke of the reform of the judicial systema dn the status of judges; and the Deputy Attorney General, Renat Kuzmin spoke of the reforms to the penal code in 2012, which had existed since 1961 when Ukraine was a Soviet republic under Premier Krustchev.

Judiciary reforms in Ukraine
S.E. Oleksandr Kupchyshyn receives Inna Yemelyanova and Renat Kuznin : Judiciary reforms in Ukraine

Thank you, Excellency, for this occasion to learn more about the admirable judicial and penal reforms that are taking place in Ukraine.

Here is the resumé of the conference in case you missed it : Table-ronde – La réforme judiciaire en Ukraine – Compte-rendu

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