Counting down to the GMR

Summer is over and it’s back to work!

We here at the Observatory are in the final stages of recruiting both the members of our Scientific Council and of our three Research teams.  You will soon find this information under Organisation/Organigramme.

We are also in the last stages of editing the Geostrategic Maritime Review (GMR), which will come out in September.

We will announce the date of the launch in a forthcoming press release.

There is still time to contribute and support OBGMS and the GMR. For more information go to the page : Support OBGMS or do contact : . Your donation is tax-deductible regardless of your geographic location.


2 comments on “Counting down to the GMR”
  1. Elisabeth Lenain says:

    Felicitations Ellen!!!

    Je ne trouve rien de mieux a dire. Vous avez achevé un travail fantastique. Votre projet est vraiment très prometteur.

    Bonne fin de journée.



    Your liaison USA France & Germany

    1. ecwas says:

      Merci, chère Elisabeth, je vous tiendrai au courant, via notre site, des suites. Merci de votre intérêt pour l’Observatoire.

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