Here is the first issue of the GMR

We are pleased to make here available for a short time only, the first issue of the Geostrategic Maritime Review :

Geostrategic Maritime Review, n°1 Fall-Winter 2013

Thank you to all our contributors for making this publication a success!


One comment on “Here is the first issue of the GMR”
  1. Craciun Ioan says:

    It was my real pleasure to read and comment on the first 2013 bi-annual GEOSTRATEGIC MARITIME REVIEW. It is an unique publication providing an excellent expertise on strategic issues covering three geographic areas with different geopolitical meanings. The authors are providing us with in-depth analysis of the strategic phenomena in these regions and their personal views are very much in line with the editor’s note „water, is a precious resource, source of life, source of conflict, without which, we could not survive”.
    Congratulations to all contributors!
    Ioan Craciun, Professor at Romanian NDU

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