Dr Shmelova invited to the CEPII to speak on Ukraine in March

Dr Svitlana Shmelova, Scientific Council member of the Observatory, has been invited by the CEPII to give her perspective on the economic and political situation in Ukraine.

Here are the pictures of the event : http://www.leclubducepii.fr/#!20150312ukraine/zoom/c1oai/image_c5r

For background reading on the Black Sea region, upload our publication, Geostrategic Maritime Review, on the Black Sea : http://obgms.org/geostrategic-maritime-review/gmr-n3-fallwinter-2014/

Here is the link to her biography on our website : http://obgms.org/research/conseil-scientifiquescientific-council/dr-svitlana-schmelova/

Sign up for members only  : http://www.leclubducepii.fr/#!20150312ukraine/c1oai

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