“Outsourcing Nation-states’ Maritime Security sovereignty”

In the wake of the migration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, and as we prepare our GMR event on the Mediterranean Sea on June 11th under François Lafond’s directions, we call your attention to an article written in the GMR’s first issue by Dr (Capt) Ioannis Chapsos, Scientific Council member of the Observatory, and now research fellow at Coventry University in Maritime Security, on “Outsourcing Nation-states’ Maritime security sovereignty” 

Here is a short abstract of the article, from page 44 :

Contemporary maritime security encapsulates challenges that urged states to outsource their hitherto obligation and application of their sovereignty rights to the private security sector. This article discusses the transformation of the traditional and applied strategy of naval powers and the abolishment of their monopoly in maritime security provision. Although their sovereignty is questioned by this process, the privatisation of security is a debatable global trend, applied broadly in the maritime domain as well.

Key words: naval power, maritime security, piracy, private maritime security companies

To continue reading : http://obgms.org/geostrategic-maritime-review/contents-gmr-n1/

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