“Securing the periphery of the EU : mission impossible?”

In light of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Mediterranean Sea, and in preparation for our bi-annual event in June in Paris with a special GMR issue on the Mediterranean, here is a look back at the subjects that occupy political and military decision makers today.

To open the first issue of the Geostrategic Maritime Review in 2013, The President, who is also the Editor in Chief of our bi-annual publication, wrote the first article on “Securing the periphery of the EU : mission impossible?“.  This article is based on a paper that was presented at the Grenoble Geopolitical Festival in 2013.

Herewith a short abstract :

“Abstract : “This essay outlines the difficulties and the possibilities of securing the periphery of the EU and addresses four main themes, such as the External menaces and the security response of a Transatlantic European Defense. We take a brief look at how Europe is organized in its defense arena, its partnership with its allies in different international or supranational organs and frameworks. We then examine the internal menaces and the government’s response based on the rule of law and how a country or the group of countries that make up the EU can combat internal menaces and insecurity challenges. We take a brief look at the challenges of immigration and who comes to Europe and how, as well as identifying the major migration routes towards Europe and the security, political and economic challenges they present; and finally a panoramic view of Energy security through the looking glass of the EURONEST session held in September 2012 in Brussels. Energy holds the key to all our prosperous, democratic, peaceful societies and guaranteeing and securing energy inflows allows our economies to produce our national products and create the economic terrain attractive for investment, growth and jobs.”

To continue reading from page 12 : http://obgms.org/geostrategic-maritime-review/contents-gmr-n1/ 


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