Become a #sponsor of #IGMO

As OBGMS becomes IGMO as of September 1st, we are now opening up the Observatory to SPONSORSHIP opportunities.

Herewith our Sponsorship Folio : Sponsorship Folio IGMO 2015

As a non-profit Association 1901, we do require your support for our portfolio of activities in the maritime domain :

  • GMR : Geostrategic Maritime Review : our flagship bi-annual publication
  • GDS : Geostrategic Dialogue Series : our series of conferences on critical subjects of geopolitical and geoeconomic importance
  • GMTF is the reflexion center on maritime security issues and is comprised of five bureaus : Arctic, Europe Blue/Green, Energy, Indo-Asia and Maritime.  The GMTF sets the agenda for the GMR, the GDS and other events and publications, such as the GMB (Geostrategic Maritime Bulletin) and the GFS (Geostrategic Focus Series) to come.

We would appreciate your support either to a specific bureau, a specific research subject or for a specific event.

Looking forward to meeting with you to discuss the possibilities of supporting our work.

Your President, Ellen Wasylina

Contact :

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