Photo Report of IGMO/TEAS/SEIN event on Caspian Sea in Paris

IGMO partnered with TEAS France and SEIN on October 21 at the Hotel de l’Industrie for a conference entitled “The Caspian Sea :  geopolitical and geostrategic stakes for the wider region”, based on the fifth edition of the Geostrategic Maritime Review (GMR), Fall/Winter 2015.

Ellen Wasylina, President and Founder of IGMO and also Editor in Chief of the GMR introduced Gulmira Rzayeva, the Senior Editor of this edition of the GMR on the Caspian Sea, who gave the keynote speech on “Azerbaijani Gas Supplies in the New Geopolitical Order”.

This was followed by a panel discussion, moderated by Dr Efgan Niftiyev (Expert, Hazar Starteji Enstitüsü), which included two contributors to the GMR5, Oktay Tanrisever  (Professor, Middle-East Technical University, Turkey) and Slavtcho Neykov (Chairman, Energy Management Institute, Bulgaria), who were joined by Jane Amilhat (Deputy Head of Russia-CIS unit, DG Trade, European Commission); Sonja Lekovic (Energy analyst, IEA); and Agathe Thomas (ENGIE representative, Baku).

To order your copy of the GMR5 on the Caspian Sea for 20€ (excluding port) and “Ukraine : prémices de guerre froide en Europe?” (15,50€, excluding port) :

Photos : copyright TEAS France

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