COP21 Challenges and Perspectives presented to students as part of our GDS series

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On December 2nd, Marie-Laetitia Gourdin, Vice-President and Chief of IGMO’s Sustainable Energy and Climate Change bureau (SECC), and Frédéric Gharbi-Mazieux, Expert in sustainable development and climate change within the SECC, conducted a conference “COP21: Challenges and Perspectives”, as part of IGMO’s Geostrategic Dialogue Series (GDS) at Paris School of Business (PSB).

After introducing the general context of global warming, Marie-Laetitia introduced key information about current trends in energy and presented  a brief history of international climate change negotiations.

Frédéric then took the floor to present the fundamentals of COP21: what is at stake, what are the negotiations about, and what we can expect from this Conference in terms of outputs.

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IGMO is pleased to renew this conference series started last year in 2014 at PSB, where the President, Ellen Wasylina, has been teaching for the past five years.

The next GDS at PSB will be in January with Professor Oleg Kobtzeff.

To organise a GDS in your school, company or institution, please contact:


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