Geostrategic Focus Series N°3, 2015 Mediterranean #Migration Crisis : Realities & Challenges

“Les Enjeux des Espaces Maritimes” debated at the Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques (IRES) in Rabat, Morocco on November 30, 2015,  following the Valletta Summit in Malta that took place on November 11-12, 2015, where the objectives of the European Union were on five specific areas (source : :

  1. addressing the root causes by working to create peace and stability and economic development
  2. improving work on promoting and organising legal migration channels
  3. enhancing the protection of migrants and asylum seeks, particularly vulnerable groups
  4. tackling more effectively the exploitation and trafficking of migrants
  5. working more closely to improve cooperation on return and readmission

What follows below is a portion of the President’s presentation at IRES.

The terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015, indeed a wake-up call for France, may have brought us back from a welfare state to a warfare state, even as we were witness to the decline in defense spending in the West, due to the financial crisis and bulging deficits, increased social expenditures and rising unemployment in the face of a greying population.

Is globalisation threatening  democracy and security, where modern technologies, instant transmission of communications and personal data expose States to the worst means of computer piracy, terrorist attacks, infiltration and distribution of energy resources or chemical substances by everyday means  of transport and transmission?

To continue reading : GFS 3 2015 EW

Link to the IRES page, program, photos, presentations :  ; presentation : 

Herewith the interview with the President : 


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