Prof. Oleg Kobzeff talks about six decades of #space explorations and #geopolitics at #IGMO ‘s monthly #GDS Soir

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Professor Oleg Kobtzeff

Prof. Oleg Kobzeff, Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, Associate Professor of Geopolitics at the American University of Paris, and member of the Scientific Council of IGMO, presented IGMO’s monthly GDS Soir (Geostrategic Dialogue Series) entitled “Star Wars or Star Trek? Six decades of exploration, politics, technological advances, business and economic development”.

In presence of a dozen of attendees, including students and young professionals, Prof. Kobtzeff explained how space exploration has been one of the most important means for countries during the Cold War to develop their technological advances and economic leadership. His presentation was followed by a vivid discussion with participants who raised important questions such as the growing importance of the private sector in space exploration nowadays and the legal issues pertaining to space, notably how legal models are replicated from the Moon to the Antarctic or the parallels between the Montego Bay Convention that regulates maritime relations and its potential application in space.

Earlier that evening, during a monthly scheduled conference series that IGMO proposes to Paris School of Business (PSB), Prof. Kobtzeff gave a more complete presentation/lecture on the subject.


Photo reportage of the evening


The next edition of the IGMO GDS Soir is scheduled on February 3rd  and will feature Guillaume Bucherer, IGMO’s Security and Economics Bureau Chief, who will lead the discussion on the “Maritimisation of the Economy“.

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