Dr Cyril Widdershoven joins IGMO

We are pleased to welcome Dr Cyril Widdershoven to IGMO as Bureau Chief of Energy Security Infrastructures.

Cyril Widdershoven has a PhD in War Studies from Kings College London.  He has lived and worked extensively in the Middle East and North Africa.  As Middle East specialist and oil-gas analyst, Cyril is currently focusing on issues related to Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection issues, specifically targeting protection of Oil, Gas, Energy and Ports, offshore and onshore, related security analysis and protection (non-lethal/defense). Cyril is also focusing on projects with regards to defense, military, procurement and investments in oil and gas in the MENA region or for MENA based entities in the European Union.

As a Middle East specialist, oil and gas analyst, he has worked as Senior Manager Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, Principal Consultant Capgemini Consulting COE Oil & Gas,  and for a wide range of consultancies in the MENA region, such as Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iraq.  On all positions, he has been combining his political risk and geopolitical experience with in-depth knowledge of both main regional constitutions and the effects on energy supply, military cooperation, defense investments and government relations.

Currently, he is SVP Research at MEA-Risk, Owner of Dutch based risk consultancy VEROCY, and Senior Fellow of Turkey based Think-tank Hazar, while being advisor to several governments and energy companies.

Contact : esi.bureauchief@obgms.org 

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