GMR6 conference, Paris, June 17, 2016

IGMO presented its Spring/Summer edition, n°6 2016 in Paris on June 16.  Thank you to Jean-François Di Meglio for hosting us at Asia Centre within INALCO.

Thank to all our experts, speakers and moderators for making this all-day conference a successful one.

Here below our photo gallery .

Morning Panel, in French, moderated by Guillaume Bucherer, with Professor emeritus Jean-Paul Pancracio leading the discussion; Pierre Henry, Alain Dru and Sara Abbas

Afternoon Panal, in English, moderated by Florence Terranova, with Alessandro Giraudo leading the discussion; Nursin Güney, Marina Niforos, Cyril Widdershoven.

The Spring/Summer edition, N° 6, of our bi-annual publication, the Geostrategic Maritime Review,  is now available at L’Harmattan publishing and on Amazon, in hard and soft format :

Our Fall/Winter edition, N°7, on the Arctic, will be under the direction of Senior Editor Professor Oleg Kobtzeff and will be presented on November 15, 2016.


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