Geostrategic Focus Series, N° 5, 2016

The subject of our Geostrategic Dialogue Series Influencer, “L’imprimante 3D au cœur de la quatrième révolution industrielle : nouvelles technologies, nouvelles approches des matériaux, nouveaux « business models » et nouvelle géopolitique de l’industrie” was presented in Paris at the Hotel de l’Industrie in Paris on April 4, 2016.

As indicated in the recent article by IHS, “3D printing technology also has major implications for national security, geopolitics, and other sensitive aspects of global inter-country relations and interactions.”

How can countries which have been on economic powerhouses in our post-WWII world stay competitive?

Herewith the program and the biographies of our experts : Imprimante3D_IGMO_SEIN_04042016

Herewith the link to our photo report : 

Herewith our Geostrategic Focus Series, N° 5, 2016 on 3DP : GFS 5 3DP June 2016

To organise a GDS in your company/institution with our experts : 

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