Become an @IGMObservatory Fellow

As the International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory moves into its sixth year of existence, we will now be proposing a program for young people to learn from and have access to our talented and knowledgeable, well-connected, well-read, respected Board and Scientific Council members.

For three weeks, the IGMO Fellow will spend his/her time as follows :

Week 1 : the first week will be a general overview of the business climate and entrepreneurship and will be directed by IGMO’s President, Ellen Wasylina and Florence Terranova.

Week 2 : the second week will be 30 hours of seminars spent with our Board and Scientific Council members on a wide array of subjects that concern security generally and that will give a complete picture of the overall arching geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges in the maritime and economic domains that are high on international agendas in light of the current series of crisis we are facing.

Week 3 : the third and final week will be spent with our Board member and CEO of the SMG Agency, Tarek Issa, who will conduct a seminar on digital marketing and storytelling.

Herewith our brochure : igmo-fellow-2016-17

Contact : 

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