Marina Niforos and Florence Terranova will participate at SGAE Jobs Forum Dec 3 #FCEU2016

Earlier this year, the President was invited by the Secrétariat Général des Affaires Européennes (SGAE)  to participate in the Comité de pilotage in preparation for the 2nd Jobs Forum at the Conseil Social,  Economique et Environemental (CESE).

We are pleased to announce that two of our board members, Marina Niforos and Florence Terranova, will be participating as panelists in this full day on European Jobs.

Here is the link to the SGAE webpage :

Here is the program :ères/Forum%20des%20carrières/documents/2e_Forum_carrieres_Europe_programme_v24oct.pdf

Mesdames NIFOROS and TERRANOVA will be speaking in the panel at 15h-16h30 entitled, «L’entreprenariat : une opportunité professionnelle», sous la médiation de Mme Marie DANCER


We are honored to participate in this highly strategic forum and participate in a round table on entrepreneurship, the key to success for young people and job opportunities , innovation and technology, in our globalized economy.

This event is free of charge, but sign up is obligatory, and available from November 4.

Herewith the link to our webpage on our Entrepreneurship program, @entre3preneur, presented in Brussels April 5th, 2016, with Florence Terranova and Tarek Issa :

Here is the film of our presentation in French at Europaid Infopoint Center in Brussels :



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