Happy New Year 2017

In this New Year 2017, full of uncertainty, crises, rumors of wars, frozen conflicts and mass movements of peoples, we remain optimistic that there are parties and organisations like IGMO that are contributing to a multi-lateral dialogue and are very modestly contributing to better relations and understanding amongst countries and peoples.

As we look back on 2016, IGMO was mobilized to create dialogue and understanding in technology, entrepreneurship, strategic policy issues on migration and the Arctic, as well as talk about climate and environment, maritime trade and progress in space as featured in our Geostrategic Dialogue Series and various articles and publications throughout the year.

IGMO is a group of dedicated, renowned senior professionals that are also trusted advisors and can be available to speak to the critical issues of the day.

To schedule a speaking or media engagement , contact events@obgms.org or reach out to us via Twitter.

We appreciate your interest and support of IGMO and we look forward to engaging with you in  New Year 2017.

Bonne Année 2017!   Happy New Year 2017!  Frohes Neu Jahr 2017!  Buon Anno 2017!







2 comments on “Happy New Year 2017”
  1. Craciun Ioan says:

    Happy New Year, to you Ellen!

    1. Editor says:

      thank you, dear Ioan!

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