Save the date : June 21, 2017 Strategic #Baltic Sea @industriefrance

We are pleased to announce that we will present the Spring/Summer edition 2017 of the Geostrategic Maritime Review on June 21, 2017 at the Hotel de l’industrie in Paris.

The subject of this issue will be the Baltic Sea.

We are delighted to provide a partial list of our contributors : Alessandro Giraudo, Cécile Théard-Jallu and Béatrice Fleuris and Jiri Valenta.

As is customary, the President’s speech from the Blue Black Sea conference in Istanbul in December 2016 will be published in the special section, entitled “The President’s address”. The subject :

Sustainability and resiliency are key to long-term geopolitical 

and geoeconomic regional stability, V. Blue Black Sea Conference

Marmara University, Istanbul, Dec 12, 2016

To sign up,  send a mail with complete contact information to

Photo credits for the map : The World Atlas


2 comments on “Save the date : June 21, 2017 Strategic #Baltic Sea @industriefrance”
  1. stephen Blank says:

    are these papers available on the web

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