South China Sea : the Mediterranean of Asia

We are pleased to announce that our Fall/Winter 2017 edition of the Geostrategic Maritime Review will be presented in Paris during Week 47.  RSVP before November 17, as space is limited : 

Under the direction of our board member and Senior Editor, Alessandro GIRAUDO, he has brought together a fine group of experts on the region, who examine and expose the history, geopolitical and geoeconomic, energy, trade, commodities and military aspects of this growing, strategic region.

Our publication is in English and will be published by l’Harmattan Publishing House (Paris : and will be available soon on Amazon Prime here :

Back issues of our publication can be purchased on both of these websites.

Here is the Table of Contents :


Ellen WASYLINA, President and Founder, IGMO, Editor in Chief, GMR

 The South China Sea : the Mediterranean of Asia 

Alessandro GIRAUDO, Senior Editor GMR 9, Chief Economist, Viel Tradition

South China Sea : mare nostrum or Sirtian shore? 

Jean-François DI MEGLIO, President, Asia Centre

Russia and the South China Sea 

Vyacheslav IVANOV, Independent Policy Advisor

China’s big decision to enhance trade with the West 

Claude LEBLANC, Journalist at L’Opinion

The Pantagruel hunger of the SCS basin for all commodities 

Alessandro Giraudo (chief and member of the Research Group Cyclope – Paris)

and Thomas Giovannini (Junior Economist at Tradition Group)

Economic developments in the South China Sea 

Lorenzo BENCIVELLI, Economist, Banca d’Italia

A large basin with a dramatic energy deficit : oil, gas and coal 

Alessandro Giraudo, Chief Economist, Viel Tradition

How will China’s policy shape the world energy and industry ? 

Didier CORDERO, Asia Pacific Branch Executive Vice President, EDF

If you want peace, prepare for war : China’s stabilizing role in the South China Sea  

Claude LEBLANC, Journalist at L’Opinion

As a non-profit Association 1901, we appreciate your continued support of our activities.

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