Geostrategic Dialogue Series : Ellen Wasylina


Geostrategic Dialogue Series : S.E. Oleg Serebrian


Paris : Svitlana Shmelova invited to speak at Le Club de CEPII

Grenoble : Festival de Géopolitique, 12-15 March 2015 (Ioan Craciun will speak)

John Bruni, co-organiser, Sage International, #Subsummit, Adelaide, Australia, March 23-25



CELSA, Paris : the President presents her book

IRIS, Paris : the President participates at the Wikistage


Paris : The President attends the OECD Forum, special COP21 edition

Paris : The President speaks at the ILERI conference at Ecole Militaire on “Diplomatie économique et énergétique”

Marseille : The President is invited to present her initiative for Algeria @MEDCOP21

Paris : Cercle National des Armées; François Lafond, Editor of the GMR,  Breakfast GMR Spring/Summer 2015 : The Mediterranean Sea




Geneva, Switzerland : UNECE, Blue-Green Bureau

Sofia, Bulgaria : The President moderated a panel at the Energy Security and Energy Infrastructure conference


Paris : Hotel de l’Industrie, October 21,  GMR Fall/Winter 2015 : The Caspian Sea

GDS : Hall Gardner presents his book on Crimea


Verdun, 12th Edition Salon du Livre de l’Histoire

Rabat, Morocco : IRES, Géostratégie et Géopolitique Maritime


Paris, COP21

GDS : SEEC Bureau talks about stakes and challenges of the COP21

Paris, Holiday Event : come and meet the President and her bureau chiefs/team

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