GMR, n°1, Fall/Winter 2013

You will find hereafter the presentation of our contributors to the first issue of the Geostrategic Maritime Review, which are available on demand for the following individual articles :

  1. Security on the periphery of the EU : mission impossible? page 12

Ellen WASYLINA, President, OBGMS

2. Geostrategy of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea page 29

Irina ISAKOVA, Foreign policy analyst

3. Outsourcing Nation-states’ Maritime Security Sovereignty page 44

Ioannis CHAPSOS, Captain (ret), Hellenic Navy

4.  Energy supply security relationship between the Maghreb region and Europe page 61

Nicolas MAZZUCCHI, Director, Polemos Consulting

5. A CITY ON THE SEA : Tripoli, Lebanon page 82

Romain Aby, Doctoral student in Geopolitics, Paris VIII , Nathan Sautreuil, Conflict analyst and Staff researchers


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