Institute of Strategic Maritime Studies (ISMS)

The Institute of Strategic Maritime Studies (ISMS) is the dissemination, training, seminar, conference branch of the Observatory.


Geostrategic Maritime Review, our biannual flagship publication, founded in 2013 is presented in Spring/Summer and in Fall/Winter.

Geostrategic Focus Series (GFS), Geostrategic Maritime Bulletin (GMB).  The Observatory has innovated this year to produce short papers on subjects that are of strategic interest, allowing our experts, internal and external, to write short briefs on a regular basis, and as events occur, on timely subjects within the realm of our vision and mission.


Geostrategic Dialogue Series.  The GDS are conferences by specialists on a particular topic invited to speak at an institution.  The format can be a lecture, a conference, a roundtable, a breakfast, a debate.

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