IGMO Fellow

As the International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory moves into its sixth year of existence, we will now be proposing a program for young people to have access to our talented and knowledgeable, well-connected, well-read, respected Board and Scientific Council members.

For three weeks, the IGMO Fellow will spend his/her time as follows :

Week 1 : the first week will be a general overview of the business climate and will be directed by IGMO’s President, Ellen Wasylina

Week 2 : the second week will be 30 hours of seminars spent with our Board and Scientific Council members on a wide array of subjects that concern security generally and that will give a complete picture of the maritime, geopolitical and geoeconomic subjects that are high on international agendas and the crisis we are facing.

Week 3 : the third and final week will be spent with our Board member and CEO of the SMG Agency, Tarek Issa, who will conduct a seminar on digital marketing and storytelling.

Herewith our brochure : igmo-fellow-2016-17

Contact : events@obgms.org