Oleg Kobtzeff


http_featherfiles_aviary_com_2014-11-19_f5da8ea5e_d8586c07099d4f4390c45b2eb5988532_nrbjuxSenior Advisor, Associate Professor Oleg Kobtzeff, Paris

Franco-American with family ties to many frontier regions of Russia and the Ukraine, trained by founders of the French school of “New History”, Professor Kobtzeff’s pluri-disciplinary and multi-faceted work is a study of the interface of civilizations and their relationship with their natural environments. Familiarity with French, American and Slavic geographic research lead to first assignments: French space agency, US National Parks Service, and scientific institutions in the Arctic and Pacific where he lived for four years in an indigenous community, co-founded a museum, and became involved, as an educator or journalist, in the problems of multi-cultural societies, borderlands, and management of maritime resources, discovering how a remote area becomes a crossroads of global forces.
More comparative research in Italy (as acting director of the Gogol Library), then Central and Eastern Europe, France (faculty member of the Sorbonne and the Collège de France) and the European Arctic regions, producing publications and teaching on international competition or cooperation in fields ranging from war, the environment, or outer-space, to human rights and identity.

(Source : https://www.aup.edu/profile/okobtzeff)