Alessandro Giraudo launches new conference/dinner series @IGMObservatory

We are pleased to welcome the Chief Economist at Veil Tradition, Alessandro Giraudo, to our board of directors here at IGMO. We are equally pleased to announce that Alessandro is launching a series of conference/dinners to companies and institutions in both the public and private sectors. The two topics that we are proposing before year’s end are “Requiem for OPEC?” and a special “US Elections” night. Here is our program and conditions : gds-influencer-ag-global-economy-and-markets-fall-2016 Just in time for the holidays, AlessandroRead more

Marina Niforos and Florence Terranova will participate at SGAE Jobs Forum Dec 3 #FCEU2016

Earlier this year, the President was invited by the Secrétariat Général des Affaires Européennes (SGAE)  to participate in the Comité de pilotage in preparation for the 2nd Jobs Forum at the Conseil Social,  Economique et Environemental (CESE). We are pleased to announce that two of our board members, Marina Niforos and Florence Terranova, will be participating as panelists in this full day on European Jobs. Here is the link to the SGAE webpage : Here is the program :ères/Forum%20des%20carrières/documents/2e_Forum_carrieres_Europe_programme_v24oct.pdf MesdamesRead more

Save the date, November 15 : GMR7 on the #Arctic @industriefrance

We are pleased to announce the upcoming presentation of our bi-annual flagship publication, the Geostrategic Maritime Review, in partnership with the Société d’Encouragement de l’Industrie Nationale (SEIN) : . This Fall/Winter 2016 n°7 issue is on the Arctic and is under the direction of our Scientific Council member, Professor Oleg Kobtzeff, Associate professor at the American University of Paris (AUP). Herewith the abstracts and biographies of our contributors : gmr-7-abstracts-and-bios-fall-winter-2016 Reserve previous issues of the GMR and your copy of the GMR7Read more

The President attends @migrationpolicy conference in Washington, D.C.

The President was invited to attend Migration Policy Institute’s 13th annual conference at the Georgetown Law Center in Washington, D.C. The five panels discussed important security and immigration issues by a number of prestigious speakers. Herewith the link to the event : the full program :  and the video taken by CSPAN : The President will write a special Geostrategic Focus Series on the subject, soon to be published. Here below a few of the President’s live Tweets :  Read more

Become an @IGMObservatory Fellow

As the International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory moves into its sixth year of existence, we will now be proposing a program for young people to learn from and have access to our talented and knowledgeable, well-connected, well-read, respected Board and Scientific Council members. For three weeks, the IGMO Fellow will spend his/her time as follows : Week 1 : the first week will be a general overview of the business climate and entrepreneurship and will be directed by IGMO’s President, EllenRead more

Alessandro Giraudo joins IGMO

We are pleased to welcome Chief Economist at Viel Tradition, Alessandro Giraudo, to IGMO. Après des études à Turin, Gênes, Berkeley et Salzbourg, il a travaillé sur le marché des matières premières et dans la finance à Turin, Milan, New York, Genève, Zurich, Amsterdam et à Paris, où il est actuellement le Chief Economist du Groupe international Viel- Tradition. Il enseigne « Finance des marchés » et « Histoire Economique de la Finance » à l’ISG de Paris (programme duRead more

Save the Date : #3DP Breakfast on September 28 @industriefrance

In framework of our new partnership with the Société d’Encouragement de l’Industrie Nationale (SEIN), we are pleased to announce that we will be organising a breakfast on 3D Printing : Industry 4.0  on September 28 with Professor Zoubeir Lafhaj of Ecole Centrale Lille.  This event will be the second in the series of our first event on the subject last April 4th. Our experts contributed articles to the Geostrategic Focus Series, available here :  FILM : To watch a short promotionalRead more

IGMO is now a partner/member @industriefrance

As we head off to our respective Summer destinations, the President and the Board members of IGMO are pleased to announce that we have become a member/partner of the Société d’Encouragement de l’Industrie Nationale (SEIN). Herewith their website : and Twitter feed : @industriefrance We look forward to working with President Olivier Mousson and his team and have already scheduled the following  events on our mutual calendar : September 28 : Breakfast with Professor Dr Zoubeir Lafhaj, 3DPrinting , Industrie 4.0,Read more

In case you missed the #NATO Summit and #WSEF16 in Warsaw, Poland

In case you were not able to attend two very important parallel events in Warsaw, Poland July 8, 9,  I was live-tweeting during some of the events and you can find the highlights of these strategic high-level events on my Twitter feed :  @PresidentIGMO . Here is the link to the NATO website, with links to the videos and audio in 4 languages : Here is the link to the PISM website, which co-organised the Warsaw Summit  Experts’ Forum : HereRead more

Be our #sponsor for our upcoming events #3DP #Arctic #Markets

We have an exciting season already lined up for  2016/2017   and are now opening up our sponsorship opportunities for the following events : Geostrategic Dialogue Series Influencer 28/09 : 8h30-10h Breakfast : 3DP, Industry 4.0, with Professor Zoubeir LAFHAJ : Communique-Seminaire-Impression-3D 01 Launch of a new series of conferences, Mundus Furiosus, with Chief Economist at Viel Tradition, Alessandro Giraudo.  The first conference/dinner will take place in September and will be be on the subject of  “The end of OPEC?” Geostrategic Maritime Review Conference Read more