Security and Economics Bureau

Objectives of the Security & Economics Bureau:

  • develop unique overviews of security and economics issues through maritime angles;
  • draw the attention of politicians, decision makers, analysts and researchers on the crucial importance of seas and maritime space in economic development and national security,
  • develop a network of people interested in maritime economics and security issues.


  • call for papers (topics for 2016 to be delivered shortly),
  • series of short interviews (“3 questions to”) of stakeholders involved in maritime economics and security issues,
  • participate in scientific research and debate by writing articles in the GMR, doing a conference within the GDS framework, and regularly developing analysis through our GMB
  • organise social events to present our work and participate in as many  events organised by other organisations



François Richard is an expert in international shipping and marine renewable energy. He graduated with a BA from the Sorbonne University (Paris I) in Paris, France, and a MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, UK. While in London and New York, he worked on several topics such as piracy, geopolitics of the Arctic ocean, maritime environmental issues and training activities for diplomats. He is now the founder of Shipping Lab, deputy manager of Marine Renewable Energy Group, and the founder of NoFuel. He joined the IGMO Security & Economics bureau in October 2015.

Follow him on Twitter @FrancoisLouisR

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